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Due to the international financial crisis and Russia's most concentrated

As the only service in the fur industry in Hebei Province of community organizations, Fur Industry Association of Hebei Province was established in 2006, set up after they committed to promoting growth and progress, has organized the "China (Laoting) Fur Industry Summit," " 100 field technical services to the grassroots "campaign for the plight of the province fur industry, but also has a letter to the relevant departments and the government, and actively coordinate the development process in the industry, the problems arise.

It is understood that the Russian fur market has now improved symptoms, left Xinji business directly or indirectly found a place to live and continue to do business and return to the majority of domestic customers are also fought in the domestic market, initial results.88 million yuan in profits and taxes, and a 12% increase over the same period last year. "Improving public trust" is to enhance and direct provincial departments, local governments, local associations, market and leading enterprises contact and communication, so that a more representative and trade association work common.44 billion yuan of industrial output value, an increase of 11% over last year, total amount of 621.In 2009, the leather industry has Xinji 1148 enterprises, employing 8 million people, the production of leather (sheep equivalent) 39.

"Upgrade" is cultured by the major service sectors to serve the processing and marketing sectors. For the status quo, the county to seize the opportunity of expanding domestic demand, timely adjustment of market distribution, Yangyuan County has also organized the famous north of the county dollars, the North Wyman, Hua Yi, Wei planes such as 50 brand manufacturers develop fur production of fur garments, fur and fur accessories such as woven goods, and let the past in Russia, the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries selling brand transition main attack the domestic market, domestic fur production and distribution of invitation to stay fur big market. According to rough statistics, sales in the city of Xinji leather business is about more than three times in 2008, which nearly lost the right to speak the domestic Metallised Film market Xinji leather leather industry, is a very powerful shot in the arm.Xinji: time "restructuring", the rapid breakthrough. Also actively participated in major international exhibitions for the local docking."First of Hebei Fur, Leather Market Development Forum" is the association since the establishment of the first integration of fur resources in the province to change the province fur, leather market, conflicts, vicious competition, the meeting will enable us clear thinking and the development of market positioning, the formation of mutual promotion and common development of the situation around the country, "princes" of the development is also a promotion. According to statistics, just 3 days, fairs serve a customer 200,000 people total, the direct sales of 1,180 million, set a major direct marketing activities in business confidence in the domestic market businesses Rebel.January-December 2009, Suning fur industry was 6.24 million U.

"To expand its influence" is this year's Association for general use the opportunity as much as possible to the elite counterparts, focusing on the development of regional integration in, change the association is not entirely geographical representation, level representatives of the imperfect, some of the leadership of executive director or individual involved in Association work of the association is not active, industry as a whole and strong awareness of the problem. Since 2006 management has been developing steadily, even in the face of financial turmoil, gray customs clearance, tariff adjustments, and many other negative factors, many outside frequency trap fur garment manufacturers survive in times of crisis, "Fur City" is still running smooth.6 billion, taxes of 143.

Due to the international financial crisis and Russia's most concentrated Chinese business market suddenly turn off, to rely on export-oriented Yangyuan County a serious impact fur industry, more than 30 Russian fur traders in the face of clothing sales difficulties associated Yangyuan County also export companies affected.To this end, the association responsible for the "2009 Report of Hebei fur industry," "fur market in Hebei Province and the distribution of rational division of labor", "Hebei fur industry, the difficulty to maintain the country's leading and Strategies" and three research topics ( have been included in the "2010 Survey of Hebei Province Association 100 issues for implementation of projects"), Hebei fur from the theory to solve the bottleneck of industrial development.

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